Caipi | Cat No: RD4618 | Release Date: 10th February 2017

The most influential and strikingly original guitarist-composer of his generation makes a radical leap in his musical direction on Caipi, the debut release on his new label Heartcore Records, (with label Razdaz Recordz). Ten years in the making, Caipi is easily his most personal expression to date and features Rosenwinkel playing all the instruments (drums, bass, piano, synthesizers, percussion) and showcases him prominently on vocals on tunes like the hard rocking “Hold On,” the ethereal “Summer Song” and the slow ballad “Ezra”, named for his son. The lilting “Little B” is named for his other son Silas, who was nicknamed Little Bear as a toddler. Elements of rock and jazz co-exist happily with all the easily recognizable features of his personal style; above all, there is ample space for the evolving world of Brazilian music in its most recent guise and, in particular, the Brazilian love song. To some extent this symbolises Kurt’s natural leaning towards the creation of melodies of considerable emotional impact, a highly distinctive feature and an unavoidable element in his markedly romantic artistic vision.

Produced by Kurt Rosenwinkel
Co-Produced by Paul Stacey and Pedro Martins
All Music and lyrics written by Kurt Rosenwinkel except for ‘Kama’, and ‘Little b’ lyrics by Amanda Brecker, and ‘Casio Vanguard’ lyrics by Antonio Loureiro.



Kurt Rosenwinkel: acoustic & electric guitars, electric bass, piano, drums, percussion, synth, Casio, voice
Pedro Martins: voice, drums, keyboards, percussion
Eric Clapton: guitar
Alex Kozmidi: baritone guitar
Mark Turner: tenor saxophone
Kyra Garéy: voice
Antonio Loureiro: voice
Zola Mennenöh: voice
Amanda Brecker: voice
Frederika Krier: violin
Chris Komer: French horn
Andi Haberl: drums

“Kurt Rosenwinkel is a rare bird among guitarists…one of the most admired and emulated voices of his instrument over the last 20 years.” NPR Music
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“…a staggeringly good album of heart-warming, memorable tunes.” 4****
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“…the leader is typically fluent and narratively elegant whenever he cuts loose on guitar.” Guardian