Continuo | Cat No: SSC 4603 | Release Date: 23rd May 2006

Press Release


noun ( pl. -os) The Spectacular New Recording From Bassist/Composer Avishai Cohen on Razdaz Recordz.


noun (pl. -os) (in baroque music) an accompanying part that includes a bass line and harmonies, typically played on a keyboard instrument and with other instruments such as cello or bass viol.

Bassist/composer Avishai Cohen, a �jazz visionary of global proportions�-DownBeat, and �one of the 100 Most Influential Bass Players of the 20th Century�-Bass Player Magazine, offers to the world his spectacularly beautiful new recording, Continuo, a project that gloriously combines the influences of classical and Middle Eastern music and jazz. �These elements together produced the combination of sounds I was looking for, and created a nice balance between composed and improvised music,� says Cohen.

�Seamlessly blending Middle Eastern, folk, funk, fusion, and straight-ahead jazz . . . Cohen has fashioned a singular vision, and it�s a joy to experience.� � Jazziz

Continuo (the follow up to the critically acclaimed At Home) displays the magic of a working band, �which in this music is stronger than any concept,� adds Cohen. He continued, �I�m very grateful to have two young masters (pianist Sam Barsh and drummer Mark Guiliana) of their instruments with me to convey that they are, on one hand, young in their ever thirsty minds for more information, and, on the other, old enough in their souls to emotionally express themselves on a very high level through the compositions.� The trio, a crackerjack unit that has been delighting audiences around the world for almost three years, welcomed into the fold a long-time collaborator of Cohen�s, fellow Israeli Amos Hoffman, who contributed his singular oud playing to several tracks. Avishai explains, �a lot of the new material on Continuo has a through-composed, classical music-like nature to it, as well as open sections for solos. In addition to that, there are strong Middle Eastern influences in some parts of the compositions. Contemplating the material for the album, I realized I wanted an additional color added to the trio in order to enhance those influences. There was only one man for the job, Amos Hoffman. �I�m excited and proud to offer you some moments of my life once again, reflected through the music,� says Cohen.