One World  | Cat No: RD4617 | Release Date: 9th September 2016


Guitarist, composer and band leader, this is Shachar Elnatan’s debut album One World. This release features compositions assembled over the past six years and emphasises his musical journey as a jazz musician growing up in Israel and living in New York.

 “I feel that every tune on this album reflects a strong moment; a feeling, a dance, an inspiration. Combined, these reflections paint a perspective of my own world.”


Shachar’s ability to combine sounds from different cultural backgrounds, brings something fresh, new and exciting to the table; the opening track ‘At Distance’ showcases his take on an 11/8 Moroccan groove, highlighting electronic and modern sounds; the title track ‘One World’ strongly resonates with Middle Eastern and Yemenite music, yet features a triplet oriented melody and rhythm, highly influenced by Irish music.


‘Josa’, written several years ago, holds a strong narrative through its harmony and melody; a fantasy vision as a child, of a small and calm village, made real several years later whilst travelling to the Spanish Pyrenees. Shachar discovered such a place called ‘Josa’, where people were playing music and celebrating through the night.


Shachar highlights and presents the great talent coming out of the Israeli Jazz scene today, by leading a brilliant group of musicians, including: Gadi Lehavi (piano), Avri Borochov (bass), Ofri Nehemya (drums), and special guests; Avishai Cohen (bass), Daniel Dor (drums) and Itay Morchi (drums) and Dana Herz (vocals).