Avishai Cohen Newsletter August 2020

I hope many of you enjoyed the summer break, and all of you, and your families are staying healthy.

In the past few months I have been very active on writing new music and recording.

On Friday September 4th, I will release my new single with an exclusive video globally, stay tuned through your mailbox or my social media to be one the first to discover my new release.

Exciting Tour News!

I am happy to announce I will be back on tour very soon…. I have missed so much my fans, and performing live shows so really looking forward to getting back with the confidence that we can safely perform ‘live’ with the current conditions, to keep us all safe.

Joining me on stage for the first shows since March will be Elchin Shirnov – piano and on drums I am delighted to introduce a gifted young lady, new talent from Israel, Roni Kaspi.

I hope to see many of you joining me very soon out there!

September Trio Dates Coming Soon:

06/09/2020  8:30pm Trio Show, Terravecchia, Itlay Tickets
Itlay 06/09/2020 10:30pm Trio Show, Terravecchia, Itlay Tickets
Poland 08/09/2020  8:00pm Trio Show, Szczecin, Poland Tickets
Czech Republic 11/09/2020  8:00pm Trio Show, Prague, Czech Republic Tickets
Austria 12/09/2020  6:00pm Trio Show, Vienna, Austria Available Soon
Austria 12/09/2020  8:30pm Trio Show, Vienna, Austria Available Soon
Romania 13/09/2020  7:30pm Trio Show, Brno, Czech Republic Tickets

We have also been very busy adding more new live shows for this Autumn…

All new Digital – Razdaz Recordz

Happy to announce that the complete Razdaz Recordz catalogue and my own albums are now all available through our new global digital distribution partner: ‘Believe’ so feel free to visit your normal digital and steaming platforms

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