Brown Sugar – Amos Hoffman, from the album ‘Carving’ (2010)

Guitar and oud player Amos Hoffman, who has been performing and recording as a member of Avishai Cohen’s band for more than two decades, will release Carving, his second album on Cohen’s Razdaz Recordz, on April 12th 2010.

Genre crossing guitarist and oudist Amos Hoffman’s newest release Carving (RazDaz 2010), makes his musical statement in two languages – guitar and oud. From the up tempo, almost danceable oud featured on Brown Sugar, to the scat influenced guitar on Ras, the tracks on Carving weave between instruments and moods, continuing to explore the boundaries of Jazz. Hoffman describes his music on his album as “a bunch of different parts that come together in a way that feels right to me. It’s not always straight forward or easy to define, but that’s what makes life interesting”.